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Search Filters

AdSpy has a very extensive filter system where you can filter by the following: Ad Text, Comments, Advertiser Name, URL, Landing Page URL, Landing Page Text, Site Type, Gender, Ages, Daily Likes, Total Likes, Media Type, Created Between, Seen Between, Networks, Affiliate, Advertiser, Technologies, Countries, Language.

The Affiliate ID is a very powerful one. If you see someone pushing a crypto offer on a network you can look for his Affiliate ID and then use AdSpy to find his other ads and landing pages in other Geo’s.

Landing Page Details

One of their unique features is that they show very detailed information about the landing page details that are used.

It shows information on the following details: Web Server, Hosting Providers, Email Services, SSL Certificate, Content Management Systems, Advertising, Analytics and Tracking, JavaScript Libraries, Audio/Video Media, Payment Providers, Widgets, Content Delivery Network, Mobile, Aggregration Functionality, Language, CSS Media Queries.

This is in addition to the screenshots and redirect chains for the outgoing links.

Affiliate Network Offers

For some ads they even show the offers with offer ID’s and the affiliate network as you can see below:


The only major downside is that you can’t directly download the landing pages. That is something other spy tools usually have. However, you can always resort to tools like HTTrack.