Time needed: 1 minute.

Follow these 5 simple steps to apply the Anstrex coupon and get 20% discount on your Anstrex subscription for the first two months. This is in addition to the bundle discount you get when you decide to subscribe to multiple Anstrex products.

  1. Click on the Anstrex Coupon link

    Use the link Anstrex Coupon to create an Anstrex account.

  2. Choose Anstrex Product

    Pick one of the Anstrex products you would like to apply the coupon for, by clicking on the "Discover" button. Available Anstrex products:

    • Anstrex Native
    • Anstrex Push
    • Anstrex Dropship
    • Anstrex Pops

  3. Click on Signup

    If you have made decision, click on the  "Sign Up Now" button.

  4. Pick a plan

    Choose one of the following Anstrex Plans and click on "Sign Up"

    • Native Only
    • Native + Push
    • Native + Push + Pop

    1. Complete the sign up form

      After completing the sign up form, you will get the checkout page where you can enter the coupon code for Anstrex.

    Apply Coupon Code

    A checkout modal pops up where you can click on "Apply coupon"

    Click on the Arrow button

    Confirm that the discount has been applied, it should look like this:

    Well done! You have now taken advantage of the 20% discount coupon for Anstrex.

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