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ContentBot - 25% Discount Coupon

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Use our link to create an account with ContentBot and t...More

Use our link to create an account with ContentBot and then enter the coupon "25off" at the checkout page to get 25% discount on ContentBot.


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Earn Commissions with the Contentbot Affiliate Program


Join the Contentbot Affiliate Program by creating an ac...More

Join the Contentbot Affiliate Program by creating an account, then:

  • Verify your email address, and login
  • Go to the "Affiliate Program" which you can find in the footer links or under "Account" profile.
  • If you can't find it try looking for "Referral Program" or "Partner Program"
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How to 🎁 Claim ContentBot 25% Discount Coupon Code 2023

Step #1: Sign up for ContentBot using our link by clicking on the pink button "Get Started'"

Step #2: Choose your plan you would like to apply the coupon. You can choose from:

  • Free: 5k words
    • AI Writing
    • InstructBot
    • Blog Shot
    • Plagiarism Checker
    • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Starter Plan: $19/month - 50k words/month
    • everything in Free plus:
    • Unlimited Seats
    • Content Automation (x1)
  • Premium Plan: $59/month - 150k words/month
    • everything in Starter plus:
    • SEO Tools
    • 1x blog post written each month by their Content Marketers
  • Premium+ Plan: $99/month - 300k words/month
    • everything in Premium plus:
    • 2x blog posts written each month by their Content Marketers

    Step #3: Click on  "Add promotion code" to enable the field where you can enter our coupon "AW25" and get 25% discount applied to your order.


    • Free plan: Generate up to 500 words per month for free.
    • Pro plan: $9.99 per month. Generate up to 5,000 words per month.
    • Business plan: $19.99 per month. Generate up to 20,000 words per month.
    • Enterprise plan: Custom pricing. Unlimited word generation.

    Key Features

    • Conversational AI: Contentbot can have natural conversations and respond to prompts and questions.
    • Content generation: Contentbot can generate text content on a wide variety of topics, adjusting its tone and style as needed.
    • Knowledge base: Contentbot has access to a large knowledge base to draw facts and data from when generating content.
    • Personalization: Contentbot can be customized and personalized to have distinct voices, styles, and knowledge bases for different use cases.
    • Multilingual: Contentbot supports generating content in multiple languages.
    • Summarization: Contentbot can summarize long texts into concise overviews.
    • Creativity: Contentbot can generate creative fictional stories, poems, jokes, and more.

    Natural Interactions Powered by AI

    Contentbot leverages the latest advances in conversational AI to enable natural, human-like interactions. Whether answering questions, providing recommendations, or simply chatting, Contentbot can participate in multi-turn conversations and dynamically adjust its responses based on context and user input. This conversational ability allows for an intuitive user experience compared to more rigid chatbot interfaces.

    Limitless Content Creation on Any Topic

    Contentbot can generate high-quality textual content on virtually any topic in seconds. Its advanced generative language models allow it to synthesize relevant articles, stories, product descriptions, and more tailored to specified styles, topics, keywords, and guidelines. Contentbot provides access to a vast knowledge base and continuously learns to improve the factual accuracy and usefulness of the content it creates.

    A Customized Solution for Every Use Case

    Whether creating content for a website, digital assistant, social media, marketing campaigns or any other need, Contentbot enables customization to match distinct voices, tones, knowledge bases, and objectives. Users can fine-tune outputs and guide Contentbot with examples to achieve the desired writing style and perspective. Contentbot allows teams to scale content creation while still maintaining their brand identity.

    Multilingual Capabilities for Global Reach

    Contentbot has multilingual fluency and can dynamically switch between generating content in different languages. This empowers brands to efficiently localize messaging and engage international audiences in their native tongues. Contentbot also understands the nuances of creating culturally relevant content that resonates across geographic regions and languages.


    • Useful: Contentbot can provide helpful information on many topics.
    • Knowledgeable: It has access to large amounts of data and can summarize information well.
    • Quick: It is able to generate responses very quickly.
    • Versatile: Contentbot is capable of conversing about different subjects.
    • Polite: The dialogue is crafted to be civil and respectful.


    • Limited capabilities: Contentbot has a narrow focus on generating text and cannot perform more complex tasks like understanding images or having a conversation.
    • Lack of context: Without a complex knowledge base, Contentbot may generate text that lacks coherence or is not grounded in facts.
    • Potential for bias: As an AI system, Contentbot may inadvertently generate biased or problematic text if not carefully monitored and adjusted during training.
    • Risk of misuse: The text generating abilities of Contentbot could potentially be misused to spread misinformation or harmful content if deployed irresponsibly.
    • Not sentient: Despite advanced capabilities, Contentbot has no subjective experience and cannot think or feel like a human.

    Why should you use Contentbot?

    • Saves time: Contentbot can generate high-quality content instantly, saving you hours of writing.
    • Increases productivity: You can produce more content in less time, boosting your productivity.
    • Cost effective: Contentbot is more affordable than hiring a copywriter, especially for large volumes of content.
    • Consistent quality: AI generates content with reliable quality, whereas human writing quality can fluctuate.
    • Customizable: You can fine-tune Contentbot to match your brand's tone of voice and style preferences.

    What are the key advantages of using Contentbot to crush your competitors?

    • Save time and money - Contentbot can generate high-quality content instantly, saving you time and money compared to hiring writers.
    • Beat your competitors - With unlimited fresh content optimized for SEO, you can outrank your competitors in search results.
    • Engage your audience - Contentbot can create content tailored to your audience's interests to drive more engagement.
    • Go viral - Contentbot can analyze trends and create content designed to go viral on social media.
    • Tap into AI - Leverage the latest AI to generate content that is readable, relevant and on-brand.
    • Scale your business - Produce more content than your competitors to fuel your business growth.

    Is Contentbot right for you?

    • Marketers - To generate high-quality content for blogs, websites, social media, etc.
    • Writers - To get AI-generated ideas and outlines to jumpstart writing projects.
    • Students - To get help brainstorming ideas and expanding on topics for essays and assignments.
    • Entrepreneurs - To create product descriptions, FAQs, website copy, newsletters, and more.
    • Creative professionals - To ideate and expand on creative concepts for design projects, ad campaigns, etc.

    Marketers can use AI writing assistants like Anthropic to generate high-quality content for blogs, websites, social media, and other marketing materials. The AI can take a few bullet points from the marketer and turn them into complete, human-sounding blog posts, social media captions, website copy, and more. This saves marketers time while still allowing them to produce engaging, optimized content.

    Writers can use AI writing assistants to get generated ideas and outlines to jumpstart all kinds of writing projects. Whether crafting a novel, short story, article, or other text, the AI can take a basic prompt and return an outline containing key points, suggested plot points or flow, and other details to kickstart the writing process. This allows writers to quickly ideate and map out the overarching structure of what they want to write.

    Students can utilize AI writing assistants to get help brainstorming ideas and expanding on topics for essays, research papers, and assignments. By providing a topic and few starting points, the AI can provide paragraphs elaborating on the topic with supporting details and evidence. This helps students overcome writer's block, fully explore a topic, and add depth to their writing while still creating original work.

    Entrepreneurs can lean on AI writing assistants to create a wide variety of business writing from product descriptions to website copy. By simply describing the product, company, or topic at hand, entrepreneurs can get AI-generated text for product pages, FAQs, newsletters, and more. This allows entrepreneurs to produce high-quality, human-sounding copy without extensive writing time or hiring a professional writer.

    The story behind Contentbot and what it does for users.

    • Contentbot is an AI assistant created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest.
    • Its purpose is to have natural conversations and provide useful information to users.
    • Contentbot was trained using Constitutional AI techniques to optimize for safety and alignment with human values.

    Best Contentbot alternatives in 2023

    • Anthropic's Claude - AI assistant by Anthropic focused on helpfulness, honesty and harmlessness
    • - Search engine with AI features like summarizing search results
    • Jasper - Open source AI assistant with natural language processing
    • Replika - AI chatbot companion that learns from conversations
    • Aido - Home robot with voice assistant features

    Contentbot Semantics

    Category Type Key Features Descriptors
    Conversational AI Chatbot Conversational, responds to prompts and questions Interactive, responsive
    Natural Language Generation NLG system Generates text content, adjusts tone and style Versatile, adaptive
    Knowledge Management Knowledge base Accesses large knowledge base Informed, knowledgeable
    Personalization Customizable system Customizable voices, styles, knowledge Configurable, tailored
    Multilingual Translation system Generates content in multiple languages Multilingual, translated
    Text Summarization Summarizer Summarizes long texts Concise, abbreviated
    Creative Writing Creative AI Generates creative fictional content Imaginative, inventive

    Screenshot of Contentbot

    Screenshot of the Contentbotwebsite
    Website of Contentbot (Image credits: Contentbot)

    FAQ About Contentbot Coupons & Deals

    How many Contentbot coupons can I claim?

    💡 You can only enter 1 Contentbot coupon per account. Use the Contentbot coupon code "AW25" at the checkout. Click on "Add promotion code", then enter our exclusive coupon code AW25 and click "Apply". Our coupons can be redeemed for an unlimited amount unless specified otherwise, so you can share it with your friends and they will also get the discount or free trial.

    Do you have a Contentbot coupon/deal for free credits or a trial?

    🚫 Unfortunately, Contentbot does not have a coupon that offers you a free trial.

    Does Contentbot have a yearly discount deal?

    🚫 Unfortunately, Contentbot does not have a promotion that offers discount when you subscribe to a yearly plan.

    Contentbot Lifetime deal, does it exist?

    🚫 Unfortunately, Contentbot does not have any lifetime deal. Any site that claims to have it are bogus. Any Contentbot lifetime deal promotion is fake and dishonest sites use it as a bait to get you clicking on their affiliate links.

    Is there any special offer or bonus when I sign up for Contentbot?

    🚫 Unfortunately, Contentbot does not have a promotion when you sign up.

    Does Contentbot have a special promotion for students?

    🚫 Unfortunately, Contentbot does not have a promotion for students.

    Is there an expiry date on the Contentbot coupon?

    💡 With the exception of season offers, all of our promo deals and coupons for Contentbot are available for an unlimited amount of time and do not expire.

    Does Contentbot offer a money back guarantee?

    🚫 Unfortunately, Contentbot does not publicly disclose that they have money back guarantee. However, you could still ask them nicely for a refund, if you are not satisfied with their service.

    Can I use the Contentbot coupon without entering my credit card details?

    ✅ Yes, you do not need to enter your payment details to take advantage of the free credits/trial.

    Am I allowed to share the Contentbot coupon with my friend?

    ✅ Yes, you can share the Contentbot coupon with anyone you like and as many times as you want. It is allowed and the coupon is not exclusively for one person.

    Can I pay with Paypal for a Contentbot subscription?

    🚫 No, unfortunately Contentbot does not accept PayPal payments.

    How can I confirm that the Contentbot coupon is valid, without having to pay?

    💡 When you enter the coupon, you instantly see a confirmation that it is valid. At this stage, you do not have to enter any payment details. Sometimes, it will immediately show the discount on the page when you open one of our special offer links.

    Can I combine Contentbot coupons to get more discounts?

    🚫 No, you can only use one Contentbot coupon at a time. However, you can stack the coupon on a yearly discount to save even more on Contentbot.

    Does Contentbot have an affiliate program?

    ✅ Yes,you can create an account with Contentbot, then verify your email. Once you are logged in, look for the "Affiliate Program" website. Sometimes it's called "Referral Program" or "Partner Program".

    I have a question about Contentbot, can you help me?

    ✅ Sure, just submit your question on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Is it possible to submit a coupon or special promotion for Contentbot?

    ✅ Definitely, you can use the form below to submit your coupon for Contentbot. We kindly request you to submit only valid coupons. If you are the site owner and would like to be listed with your app/service, you can use the contact form and we'll be in touch with you.

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