What makes the best Affiliate Tracker?

To decide which Affiliate Tracke is the best, we rate all Affiliate Tracker on 6 different areas:

Accuracy and Reliabilit Evaluate the tool's ability to accurately track and record affiliate conversions. It should provide reliable data on clicks, conversions, and other important metrics. Look for features like cookie tracking and server-to-server tracking to ensure precise and dependable tracking of affiliate activities. This will help you trust the tool's data and make informed decisions.
Conversion Attribution and Commission Management Assess how well the tool handles conversion attribution and commission management. It should allow you to set rules for assigning conversions to specific affiliates, track multiple touchpoints in the customer journey, and effectively manage commission rates and payouts. Look for flexibility in commission structures, such as revenue share or cost per action (CPA), to align with your affiliate program needs.
Reporting and Analytics Consider the tool's reporting and analytics capabilities. It should provide clear and comprehensive reports on affiliate performance, conversion trends, revenue generated, and other important metrics. Look for features like customizable dashboards, real-time data updates, and easy data export options. Advanced analytics features, such as cohort analysis or funnel visualization, can also provide valuable insights for optimizing your affiliate program.
Integration and Compatibility Evaluate how well the tool integrates with your existing systems and platforms. Check if it can seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce platform, customer relationship management (CRM) system, or email marketing software. Smooth integration allows for efficient data sharing, automated workflows, and streamlined affiliate management. Also, consider if the tool is compatible with various affiliate networks and tracking methods to ensure smooth collaboration with your affiliates.
Pricing Evaluate the pricing structure of the affiliate tracking tool. Consider the cost associated with using the tool, such as subscription fees, transaction fees, or any additional charges. Compare the pricing plans of different tools in the market to ensure you are getting the best value for your investment. Look for transparency in pricing, whether it offers flexibility to scale with your business growth, and if there are any discounts or promotional offers available. Understanding the pricing model will help you assess the affordability and long-term sustainability of using the affiliate tracking tool.
Support The level and quality of support provided by the tool's team are crucial factors to consider. Evaluate the available support channels such as email, live chat, or phone, and determine their responsiveness and effectiveness in addressing any queries or issues you may encounter while using the tool. Look for resources such as documentation, tutorials, or a knowledge base that can assist you in using the tool effectively. Reliable and prompt support can significantly enhance your experience and ensure smooth operations with the affiliate tracking tool.

Table of contents

Rank Name Best Usecase Score Details
#23 AdsBridge 76 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#22 PeerClick 116 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#21 RedTrack 117 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#20 CPV Lab Pro 120 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#19 ThriveTracker 121 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#18 BeMob 122 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#17 ClickMagick 125 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#16 Skro 154 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#15 FunnelFlux 161 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#14 Keitaro 164 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#13 Voonix 171 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#12 LandingTrack 176 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#11 Leadfeeder 177 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#10 Affise 181 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#9 FunnelFlux Pro 196 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#8 Binom 222 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#7 Affluent 296 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#6 ClickFlare 376 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#5 Trackerry 396 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#4 Zeustrak 397 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#3 Voluum 410 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#2 Trackier 453 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review
#1 Post Affiliate Pro 546 Pros/Cons Coupon/Review

The verdict: which Affiliate Tracker are the best in 2024

23. AdsBridge

AdsBridge is one of the most trusted and fast-growing tracker in the industry. The platform provides one of the best services in terms of product’s quality, customer support and tracking. Its functionality includes such unique features as auto-optimization, LP builder, multi-access, and more that helps to stay in control of traffic and make profit.
  • AdsBridge is an adtech company founded in 2018.
  • Its purpose is to connect advertisers and publishers through an automated and transparent platform.
  • AdsBridge aims to simplify the process of buying and selling online ad inventory.
AdsBridge Specifications
Name: AdsBridge
Website: http://www.adsbridge.com
Coupon Code: ❌
Free Credits: βœ… 50 k visits
Free Trial: ❌
Yearly Discount: βœ… 15%
Unlimited Plan: ❌
No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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Screenshot of AdsBridge Homepage

AdsBridge advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
  • Increases brand awareness: AdsBridge helps promote your brand and increase visibility.
  • Drives website traffic: Ads can drive large amounts of targeted traffic to your website.
  • Helps convert visitors: Ads can entice visitors to take action, like signing up or making a purchase.
  • Cost-effective: Online ads can be a cost-effective way to reach large audiences.
  • Targeted reach: Ads can be targeted to specific demographics, interests, and more.
  • Helps engage existing users: Ads can help keep existing users engaged with your brand.
  • Trackable results: Digital ads allow you to track impressions, clicks, conversions, and more.
  • Flexible and customizable: Many options to customize your ads to your goals and audience.
  • Privacy concerns: AdsBridge collects a lot of user data which raises privacy issues.
  • Annoying ads: The ads served by AdsBridge can be annoying and disruptive to users.
  • Security risks: The extensive data collection poses potential security risks if the data is not properly secured.
  • Slows down websites: Loading lots of ads can slow down page load times.
  • Revenue tradeoffs: Publishers may lose direct ad revenue by using third-party platforms like AdsBridge.
  • Lack of control: Publishers don't have full control over the types of ads served on their site.
  • Complex setup/integration: Integrating AdsBridge can be technically complex for some publishers.

AdsBridge Key Features:

  • Cross-device tracking - AdsBridge enables cross-device tracking by connecting devices and browsers used by the same user.
  • Ad retargeting - It allows advertisers to retarget users with ads across devices and browsers based on their past site visits and interactions.
  • Attribute matching - It matches user attributes like email addresses and phone numbers across devices to connect user identities.
  • First-party data integration - AdsBridge integrates with first-party data sources like CRMs and loyalty programs to improve targeting.
  • Analytics integration - It integrates with analytics platforms to connect online and offline data for measurement and attribution.
  • Free Plan: Up to 1000 monthly active users, basic analytics, basic templates
  • Pro Plan: Up to 10,000 monthly active users, advanced analytics, custom templates, priority support
  • Business Plan: Unlimited monthly active users, analytics API access, dedicated account manager, custom integrations

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22. PeerClick

PeerClick is a very good alternative to Voluum since it has almost the same features and more for only a fraction of the price. If you are familiar with Voluum then PeerClick will look very easy to setup for you since they have almost identical way of working with Flows, Paths and Rules. One of their unique features is that it has a built-in Cloaker so you don't have to purchase a separate Cloaker for your tracker. Currently it has built-in rules to Cloak the following traffic sources:

  • vk.com
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • ok.ru
  • Yandex
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • MSN
  • Bing
  • Rambler
  • Mail.ru
  • Aport
    PeerClick Specifications
    Name: PeerClick
    Website: https://www.peerclick.com/
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: ❌
    Yearly Discount: ❌
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of PeerClick Homepage

    PeerClick advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons

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    21. RedTrack

    RedTrack.io – SaaS ad tracking & conversion attribution tool. RedTrack helps media buyers and companies investing in paid ads and partner marketing consolidate data across all channels and campaigns to solve the issue of inaccurate decisions, resulting in a waste of time, money, and opportunities.  One tool to track, measure, analyze, optimize, and automate your media buying and marketing campaigns. 

    RedTrack is uniquely integrated with LanderBolt and  the Anstrex spy tool.

    Try RedTrack with a Free Trial 

    RedTrack Specifications
    Name: RedTrack
    Website: https://www.redtrack.io
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: βœ… 14 days
    Yearly Discount: βœ… 30%
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of RedTrack Homepage

    RedTrack advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons

    RedTrack Pricing

    RedTrack price plans

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    20. CPV Lab Pro

    CPV Lab Pro is a powerful and affordable self-hosted tracking solution with built-in Cloaking features. Features
    • Enhanced tracking both with and without cookies
    • Landing Page Protection Script
    • Google Ads Integration
    • Traffic Sources and Affiliate Networks Catalog
    • MV Lab Multivariate Testing Tool
    • Support for Parallel Tracking from Google Ads
    • Bot Traffic Tracking and Blocking
    • Cloaking Options
    • Redirect Methods & Hiding/Blanking/Faking referrers
    • Features to Comply with the GDPR & CCPA Regulations
    CPV Lab Pro Specifications
    Name: CPV Lab Pro
    Website: https://cpvlab.pro
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: ❌
    Yearly Discount: ❌
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of CPV Lab Pro Homepage

    CPV Lab Pro advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons

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    19. ThriveTracker

    Thrive Tracker is a tracking solution developed by iPyxel. One of the biggest advantages is that Thrive has a self-hosted solution which means nobody can spy on your campaigns and you will not risk being banned by the operators. So if you run somewhat shady stuff we recommend using a self-hosted (on-premise) tracking solution from Thrive. ThriveTracker is now owned by the affiliate network Clickbooth.
    ThriveTracker Specifications
    Name: ThriveTracker
    Website: http://www.thrivetracker.com/sign-up/?a=104053
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: βœ… 1 M clicks
    Free Trial: βœ… 14 days
    Yearly Discount: ❌
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of ThriveTracker Homepage

    ThriveTracker advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons

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    18. BeMob

    BeMob is the best cloud-hosted tracker for newbies because it has a Free plan with a 100,000 events limit per month. This is especially a good solution if you use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Facebook traffic as you don't generate as many events compared to buying Pops or Push.

    Use our exclusive BeMob coupon code AW25 to get 25% for the first 3 months.

    Try Bemob for free

    BeMob Specifications
    Name: BeMob
    Website: https://bemob.com
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: βœ… 100 k events
    Free Trial: ❌
    Yearly Discount: βœ… 25%
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of BeMob Homepage

    BeMob advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons
    • Unlimited Workspaces: great for teams, as you can separate all  campaigns, traffic sources, domains for each workspace and/or users.
    • Free plan: get started for free  with full access. with a generous 100k credit limit

    BeMob Pricing

    BeMob price plans

    VIEW BeMob Coupon VISIT BeMob Website

    17. ClickMagick

    ClickMagic is one of the "old-school" affiliate trackers that has been around for more than a decade. 

    • ClickMagick is a link tracking and analytics platform for online businesses.
    • It was founded in 2014 and allows users to track, manage and optimize their marketing links across different channels like email, social media, blogs etc.
    • The main purpose of ClickMagick is to provide in-depth analytics on link performance so marketers can identify their best traffic sources and maximize ROI from their marketing efforts.
    • Key features include link tracking, URL shortening, A/B split testing, real-time analytics, click fraud protection and more.
    ClickMagick Specifications
    Name: ClickMagick
    Website: https://clickmagick.com/
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: βœ… 14 days
    Yearly Discount: ❌
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of ClickMagick Homepage

    ClickMagick advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons
    • Easy to use: The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.
    • Detailed analytics: Provides in-depth analytics on clicks, conversions, etc. to optimize campaigns.
    • A/B testing: Allows A/B testing of landing pages to improve conversion rates.
    • Link cloaking: Cloaks affiliate links to protect commissions and avoid link sharing.
    • Link rotation: Rotates multiple links to split traffic evenly across affiliates.
    • Custom domains: Allows using branded custom domains instead of long ugly links.
    • Split testing: Tests different elements like headlines, images, calls-to-action, etc.
    • Real-time alerts: Get notifications about clicks, actions, sales in real-time.
    • URL builders: Build links easily with parameters for utm codes, affiliates, etc.
    • Integrations: Integrates with email, analytics, affiliate platforms.
    • Expensive: ClickMagick has premium plans that can be quite expensive for small businesses or individuals.
    • Steep learning curve: The platform has a lot of features which can make it overwhelming for beginners to learn and use effectively.
    • No free trial: Unlike some competitors, ClickMagick does not offer a free trial to test out the platform.
    • Can be time consuming: Properly setting up and managing tracking links/campaigns in ClickMagick requires time and effort.
    • Third party cookies issues: Reliance on third party cookies means tracking problems if users block cookies.

    ClickMagick Key Features:

    • Link tracking - Track clicks, conversions, and other analytics for your links.
    • URL shortener - Shorten, brand, and customize URLs for tracking purposes.
    • A/B testing - Run A/B tests on landing pages, ads, and more to optimize conversions.
    • Heatmaps - See click heatmaps to understand user behavior and interactions.
    • Split testing - Test variations of links, landing pages, offers, etc. to boost conversions.
    • Event tracking - Track custom events like newsletter signups, downloads, purchases, etc.
    • Real-time stats - View click and conversion analytics in real-time.
    • Click fraud protection - Identify and block suspicious/bot traffic.
    • Pixel tracking - Install tracking pixels to gather data from landing pages.
    • API access - Access tracking data through the ClickMagick API.
    • Basic: $9 per month. Includes 1 user, 1 website, 50,000 clicks per month, and basic tracking and analytics.
    • Plus: $49 per month. Includes 3 users, 5 websites, 500,000 clicks per month, advanced tracking and analytics, funnels, and split testing.
    • Professional: $99 per month. Includes unlimited users, unlimited websites, 1 million clicks per month, and all features.
    • Agency: Custom pricing. Includes dedicated account manager, unlimited everything, and premium support.

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    16. Skro

    Skro is the new kid on the block for Affiliate Tracking Tools.

    Take advantage of the free 250k events trial or our exclusive Skro coupon to get 20% off for the next 3 months of Starter or Pro subscription plan.

    Try Skro for free now with 250,000 events

    Skro Specifications
    Name: Skro
    Website: https://skro.eu/
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: ❌
    Yearly Discount: βœ… 20%
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of Skro Homepage

    Skro advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons

    Skro Key Features:

    • Name: Skro
    • Species: Alien
    • Planet: Skron
    • Abilities: Telepathy, shapeshifting
    • Enemies: Zorbots

    Skro Pricing

    Skro price plans

    VIEW Skro Coupon VISIT Skro Website

    15. FunnelFlux

    What makes FunnelFlux unique is their funnel builder, which is a visual editor that allows you toΒ build impossibly complex (or simple) funnels in minutes. You can easily create different kind of funnels just by drag & dropping:
    • Simple Lander and Offer
    • Typical affiliate funnel
    • Email opt-in funnel
    • Up-sell & Cross-sell
    • Advanced routing
    FunnelFlux is a "self-hosted" solution so youΒ  need hosting provider to get it running. Check out their previews on their website to see for your self or better, sign up for the 30 day trial and play around with it. TIP: Create a free account with $20 hosting credit on Vultr, this way you don't have to buy hosting just to try the trial.
    • FunnelFlux is an AI-powered website builder designed for small businesses.
    • Its purpose is to help small businesses and startups create high-converting websites quickly and easily without advanced coding skills.
    • FunnelFlux provides easy-to-use templates, drag-and-drop functionality, and integrated marketing tools to optimize the website experience.
    • Key features include customizable templates, lead generation tools, SEO optimization, and analytics to measure website performance.
    • FunnelFlux aims to empower entrepreneurs and small teams to build effective online presences to grow their businesses through its user-friendly platform.
    FunnelFlux Specifications
    Name: FunnelFlux
    Website: https://funnelflux.com
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: βœ… 30 days
    Yearly Discount: ❌
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of FunnelFlux Homepage

    FunnelFlux advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons
    • Easy to use interface: FunnelFlux has an intuitive drag-and-drop builder that makes it easy for anyone to create funnels without coding.
    • Pre-built templates: It comes with professionally designed templates for all types of funnels like sales, webinars, lead gen etc. Users can simply edit the templates.
    • A/B testing: Split testing allows users to test different versions of pages/elements to improve conversions.
    • Analytics: Detailed analytics provide insight into funnel performance and conversion rates at each step.
    • Integrations: FunnelFlux integrates seamlessly with email, payment processors, CRM and other tools.
    • Affordable pricing: It offers feature-rich plans that are affordable for small businesses and startups.
    • High initial cost: FunnelFlux has a high upfront cost to purchase and implement the software.
    • Steep learning curve: It can take time for marketers to learn how to use FunnelFlux effectively due to its complex interface and extensive capabilities.
    • Integration challenges: FunnelFlux may not integrate seamlessly with all marketing and sales tools, requiring additional development work.
    • Potential data silos: If not properly integrated, FunnelFlux data may become siloed and not shared across other systems.
    • Ongoing fees: There are recurring fees for software updates, support, and access to all features.
    • Requires expertise: Getting the most value from FunnelFlux requires dedicated marketing ops personnel with analytics and sales process expertise.

    FunnelFlux Key Features:

    • CRM and Marketing Automation: FunnelFlux integrates with popular CRM and marketing automation platforms like HubSpot and Mailchimp to capture leads and send automated emails.
    • Landing Pages: Create beautiful landing pages with drag and drop editor. Add forms, images, videos etc. to convert visitors into leads.
    • Lead Scoring: Automatically score and prioritize leads based on their activities like email opens, form submissions etc.
    • Email Marketing: Design and send targeted email campaigns to nurture leads and turn them into customers.
    • Analytics: Track website traffic, monitor campaign performance, identify high converting landing pages etc.
    • A/B Testing: Test variations of landing pages, emails, ads etc. to improve conversions.
    • Integrations: Connects with payment gateways, webinar software, membership platforms and 1000+ other apps.
    • Free Plan: Free forever with limited features.
    • Growth Plan: $29/month with more advanced features like custom domains, unlimited users and integrations.
    • Scale Plan: $99/month with all features, premium support and custom onboarding.

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    14. Keitaro

    Keitaro is a self-hosted affiliate tracker with the usual features like: Campaigns, Landing Pages, Affiliate Networks, Offers, Traffic Sources, Reports, Domains.

    Try Keitaro with a 14 day trial

    Keitaro Specifications
    Name: Keitaro
    Website: https://keitaro.io/
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: βœ… 100 k events
    Free Trial: βœ… 14 days
    Yearly Discount: βœ… 36%
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of Keitaro Homepage

    Keitaro advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons

    Keitaro Key Features:

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    13. Voonix

    Voonix.net is the iGaming Affiliates no. 1 preferred traffic stat collector and business intelligence tool. We provide sophisticated stats from more than 1500 iGaming Operators! Save Time and Money with Voonix intelligent traffic stats collector. -

    • Collect all stats in one system
    • Revenue Models: Rev.Share, CPA, CPL, CPI, Fixed Fee, CPC, CPS and many more
    • Stats from +1500 Casino, Sportsbook, Poker & Bingo Brands 
    • +50 Affiliate Softwares 
    • Dashboard
    • Open API 
    • Daily Stats and Split
    • Fully Responsive (Phone, Tablet, PC)
    • Marketing Source
    • And much more


    Voonix Specifications
    Name: Voonix
    Website: https://voonix.net
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: βœ… 14 days
    Yearly Discount: ❌
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of Voonix Homepage

    Voonix advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons

    VIEW Voonix Coupon VISIT Voonix Website

    12. LandingTrack

    Automated Affiliate Tracking System, Auto-Optimize within LandingTrack.
    LandingTrack Specifications
    Name: LandingTrack
    Website: https://landingtrack.com/
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: ❌
    Yearly Discount: ❌
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of LandingTrack Homepage

    LandingTrack advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons

    LandingTrack Key Features:

    VIEW LandingTrack Coupon VISIT LandingTrack Website

    11. Leadfeeder

    Are you curious why 98% of people who visit your website never leave their contact details? With Lead Feeder, you can find which businesses visit your website and see which pages they visit. Lead Feeder is a cloud-based tool that tracks website visitors based on Google Analytics data and generates visitor sales leads. It allows its users to be automatically informed by e-mail when one of their target companies visits the site, which allows quick tracking. Administer new leads by sending to your Customer Data Management (CRM) and the appropriate team members. Lead Feeder will bring your company to its full potential!
    • Leadfeeder is a software company that provides lead generation and intelligence tools.
    • It was founded in 2012 in Helsinki, Finland by two entrepreneurs, Pekka Koskinen and Toni Mikkonen.
    • The purpose of Leadfeeder is to help companies identify anonymous website visitors and turn them into leads by revealing their company name, location, and other information.
    • It integrates with popular CRM and sales tools like Salesforce to enrich lead data automatically.
    • Leadfeeder uses various methods like IP tracking, cookies, and AI to match website traffic to companies to generate B2B leads.
    Leadfeeder Specifications
    Name: Leadfeeder
    Website: https://www.leadfeeder.com/
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: βœ… 14 days
    Yearly Discount: βœ… 30%
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of Leadfeeder Homepage

    Leadfeeder advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons
    • Lead generation: Leadfeeder identifies companies visiting your website and captures their business contact information so you can turn them into leads.
    • Email tracking: See when your emails are opened and detect companies engaging with your messages.
    • Company insights: Gain intelligence on visiting companies such as their website visitors, contacts and social media.
    • Target account alerts: Get real-time notifications when your target accounts are on your site so you can reach out to them.
    • Lead scoring: Score and prioritize incoming leads based on engagement metrics and company attributes.
    • Setup and onboarding can be time consuming: Leadfeeder may require some initial time investment to get set up and integrated properly with your other systems.
    • Can generate false positives: Leadfeeder's algorithms may sometimes identify non-prospects as leads, leading to false positives.
    • Limited customization options: Leadfeeder offers limited ability to customize the platform to your specific needs or preferences.
    • Cost: Leadfeeder is more expensive than some alternative lead generation tools, especially for larger organizations.
    • No outbound capabilities: Leadfeeder focuses on inbound lead capture: it doesn't include tools for outbound prospecting and outreach.

    Leadfeeder Key Features:

    • Website Visitor Profiling - Leadfeeder profiles all website visitors to identify company name, industry, job title, location and more.
    • Lead Notifications - Get real-time notifications when a lead from a target company visits your website.
    • Lead Scoring - Score and prioritize leads based on profile, behavior, and intent signals.
    • Account Insights - See full history of all website visits, including anonymous traffic before they converted into leads.
    • Integrations - Seamlessly connect Leadfeeder data to your CRM, marketing automation, analytics, and more.
    • ABM Filtering - Filter website traffic to focus on your key target accounts.
    • Lead Enrichment - Append Leadfeeder firmographic data to your existing leads and contacts.

    Leadfeeder Pricing

    Leadfeeder price plans
    • Free - Up to 3 users, 10,000 pageviews per month
    • Pro - Up to 25 users, 500,000 pageviews per month, advanced filters
    • Business - Unlimited users, 5 million pageviews per month, custom integrations
    • Enterprise - Custom pricing, unlimited pageviews, dedicated account manager

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    10. Affise

    Have you stepped up your and evolved from Affiliate Marketer to Advertiser? Then you need a tracking platform for your affiliates like Affise.
    • Affise is an affiliate marketing platform and tracking software founded in 2016.
    • Its purpose is to provide affiliate networks, agencies and advertisers with an all-in-one platform to manage, track and optimize their affiliate marketing campaigns.
    • Key features of Affise include:
      • Tracking and analytics - Tracks clicks, conversions, sales etc. Provides reports and analytics.
      • Campaign management - Provides tools to create, manage and optimize affiliate campaigns.
      • Fraud protection - Has tools to detect and prevent affiliate fraud.
      • Automation - Automates payouts, optimization and other processes.
    • Overall, Affise aims to make affiliate marketing easier and more efficient for businesses.
    Affise Specifications
    Name: Affise
    Website: https://affise.com
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: ❌
    Yearly Discount: ❌
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of Affise Homepage

    Affise advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons
    • Easy to use: Affise has an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate.
    • Detailed analytics: It provides in-depth analytics on campaigns, allowing you to identify top-performing offers.
    • Fraud protection: It has tools to detect and prevent fraudulent activities.
    • Mobile tracking: Affise can track and optimize mobile campaigns.
    • Automation: It supports setting up automated rules to optimize campaigns.
    • Global reach: Affise allows you to promote offers worldwide.
    • Initial setup can be time consuming: Getting Affise properly configured and integrated can take some time upfront.
    • Steep learning curve: Affise has a lot of features which can make the platform overwhelming for beginners.
    • Can be expensive for small businesses: The costs may be prohibitive for smaller companies with limited marketing budgets.
    • Technical glitches: Some users have reported occasional technical issues with tracking and data integrations.
    • Lack of support: Customer support response times can be slow at times.

    Affise Key Features:

    • Affiliate marketing platform - Affise is an affiliate marketing software that helps companies run affiliate programs and track referrals.
    • Affiliate network - Companies can find affiliates/publishers to promote their products through the built-in affiliate network.
    • Campaign management - Create, manage and optimize different campaigns with detailed analytics on performance.
    • Fraud protection - Built-in fraud detection helps identify fraudulent clicks, impressions, registrations etc.
    • Real-time stats - View real-time stats on clicks, conversions, affiliate earnings etc. for your campaigns.
    • Cross-device tracking - Track user journeys and attribute conversions across devices.
    • Automation - Automate different processes like affiliate invoicing, payments, email notifications etc.
    • Customizable - Highly customizable platform to match specific business needs.
    • Affiliate - free plan for affiliates
    • Publisher - $299/mo base plan for publishers and advertisers
    • Agency - $799/mo for agencies managing multiple accounts
    • Enterprise - custom pricing for large publishers and advertisers

    VIEW Affise Coupon VISIT Affise Website

    9. FunnelFlux Pro

    FunnelFlux Pro is the new version of FunnelFlux Funnel Builder. Build funnels with drag & drop as if you're drawing on a whiteboard. Integrate with your traffic sources and start tracking right away.

    • FunnelFlux Pro is a software platform designed to help marketing teams build and optimize their sales funnels.
    • It provides tools for creating funnels, designing landing pages, setting up email campaigns, and tracking conversion rates.
    • The main purpose of FunnelFlux Pro is to help businesses maximize revenue by guiding prospects through a journey that converts them from visitors into customers.
    • It allows marketers to identify leaks in their funnels and optimize pages to increase conversion at each stage.
    • Overall, FunnelFlux Pro aims to help companies streamline their sales process using data-driven insights and automation.
    FunnelFlux Pro Specifications
    Name: FunnelFlux Pro
    Website: https://funnelflux.com/pro/
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: βœ… 14 days
    Yearly Discount: βœ… 50%
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Affiliate Program
    Join Affiliate Program
    Screenshot of FunnelFlux Pro Homepage

    FunnelFlux Pro advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons
    • Advanced visitor tracking: Provides in-depth analytics on user behavior and conversions through the sales funnel.
    • Lead management: Allows you to score, segment, and nurture leads based on their interactions.
    • Customizable forms and surveys: Create targeted forms and surveys to qualify leads and gather data.
    • Landing page editor: Simple drag-and-drop editor to create optimized landing pages quickly.
    • A/B testing: Test variations of landing pages, offers, and messaging to improve conversions.
    • Email marketing: Send targeted drip campaigns and newsletters to convert leads.
    • Integrations: Connects with your favorite marketing and sales tools.
    • Real-time alerts: Get notifications when prospects take key actions.
    • Funnel optimization: Identify and fix leaks in your sales funnel.
    • Dedicated support: Get access to funnel experts to help maximize ROI.
    • High cost: FunnelFlux Pro has a high monthly fee which can be prohibitive for small businesses and startups on a tight budget.
    • Steep learning curve: The platform has a complex interface and extensive features which can make it difficult for beginners to learn and use effectively.
    • No built-in analytics: Unlike some competitors, FunnelFlux Pro does not include native analytics and you need to integrate third-party tools for in-depth tracking and reporting.
    • Can be overwhelming: With so many customization options and advanced functionality, FunnelFlux Pro may actually be overkill for simpler business needs.
    • Technical issues: Some users report glitches, bugs and integration problems, especially with complex funnels.
    • Lack of support: Customer service and technical support response times can be slow compared to other premium funnel builders.

    FunnelFlux Pro Key Features:

    • Advanced Analytics: Detailed tracking of website visitors, leads, deals and more with custom dashboards.
    • Lead Scoring: Automatically score and prioritize leads based on their activities on your site.
    • Campaign Tracking: Track the performance of your marketing campaigns across all channels.
    • Email Marketing: Create and send targeted email campaigns to nurture leads.
    • Landing Pages: Build custom landing pages and capture leads right from your website.
    • Forms & Surveys: Create online forms and surveys to gather lead information.
    • Website Heatmaps: See where visitors click and scroll on your site to improve conversion.
    • A/B Testing: Test variations of pages and content to increase conversions.
    • CRM Integration: Sync visitor data with platforms like Salesforce for consolidated lead management.
    • Advanced Segmentation: Send targeted messaging to website visitors based on their profile and behavior.

    FunnelFlux Pro Pricing

    FunnelFlux Pro price plans
    • Starter - $49/month. Includes up to 5 funnels, 100 pages, 20k visitors/month.
    • Professional - $99/month. Includes unlimited funnels, 500 pages, 50k visitors/month.
    • Business - $199/month. Includes unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, 100k visitors/month.
    • Enterprise - Custom pricing. Includes unlimited everything, dedicated account manager.

    VIEW FunnelFlux Pro Coupon VISIT FunnelFlux Pro Website

    8. Binom

    Binom is a self-hosted tracking platform. This is the tracker I personally use and recommend myself.

    1. The primary reason is, that you own your data and no one can spy on your campaigns.
    2. The second reason is you get unlimited clicks, campaigns, landers and offers
    3. The third reason is that, you can connect unlimited domains to your tracker. 
    4. The fourth reason is that you can use Custom Events optimize better, which results in more revenue.

    3 methods to apply the Binom discount coupon

    On this page you will find a step-by-step guide on how to apply the Binom coupon/promo code in 3 ways:

    1. How to apply the Binom coupon code 2024 for existing users
    2. How to apply the Binom promo code 2024 for new customers
    3. How to apply the Binom promo code 2024 if you did not use our link

    Binom Specifications
    Name: Binom
    Website: https://binom.org
    Coupon Code: 🎫 AW20
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: βœ… 30 days
    Yearly Discount: βœ… 30%
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of Binom Homepage

    Binom advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons

    VIEW Binom Coupon VISIT Binom Website

    7. Affluent

    Affluent is a dashboard where you can link all your affiliate network dashboards into it so you get an overview within a single dashboard.
    Affluent Specifications
    Name: Affluent
    Website: https://www.affluent.io
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: ❌
    Yearly Discount: ❌
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of Affluent Homepage

    Affluent advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons

    Affluent Key Features:

    VIEW Affluent Coupon VISIT Affluent Website

    6. ClickFlare

    ClickFlare is an affiliate tracker specifically tailored for funnel tracking. You can create and track complex funnels easily, no matter how deep or complicated the funnel is. Every step in the funnel can be tracked using ClickFlare.

    Try now with a free trial

    ClickFlare Specifications
    Name: ClickFlare
    Website: https://clickflare.io/
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: βœ… 14 days
    Yearly Discount: βœ… 20%
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of ClickFlare Homepage

    ClickFlare advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons
    • Easy to use: ClickFlare has a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate.
    • Customizable: You can easily customize ClickFlare with your own branding, color schemes, fonts etc.
    • Drag and drop editor: Creating landing pages is simple with ClickFlare's drag and drop editor.
    • Mobile responsive: Pages created in ClickFlare are optimized for mobile devices.
    • A/B testing: Test different versions of your landing pages to improve conversions.
    • Lead generation: Collect leads with custom forms, calls-to-action and integrations.
    • Analytics: Track visitor stats to optimize your landing pages.
    • Affordable pricing: ClickFlare is very reasonably priced compared to competitors.
    • Expensive pricing: ClickFlare has high monthly costs that may not be affordable for small businesses on a tight budget.
    • Steep learning curve: The platform has a complex interface and extensive features which can make it difficult for beginners to learn and use effectively.
    • No free trial: Unlike some competitors, ClickFlare does not offer a free trial to test out the platform.
    • Limited support: Phone and email support is only available on higher paid tiers, with limited options for free users.
    • Can be overwhelming: With so many features and configuration options, ClickFlare can feel overwhelming for those with simpler needs.

    ClickFlare Key Features:

    • Drag and Drop Editor - Easily create landing pages by dragging and dropping content blocks.
    • 300+ Templates - Choose from hundreds of professionally designed templates.
    • Instant Mobile Pages - Pages are optimized for mobile right out of the box.
    • SEO Tools - Built-in SEO helps improve search rankings.
    • Forms & Surveys - Create custom forms and surveys to capture leads.
    • Real-Time Analytics - View page visits, conversions, and more with instant analytics.
    • Integrations - Connect to marketing and sales tools you already use.
    • Multilingual - Create pages in multiple languages to engage global visitors.

    ClickFlare Pricing

    ClickFlare price plans
    • Free - Free forever plan with basic features
    • Pro - $9.99/month with advanced features like custom domains, more bandwidth and storage
    • Business - $19.99/month for multiple users, API access and priority support
    • Enterprise - Custom pricing for large businesses with dedicated account management

    VIEW ClickFlare Coupon VISIT ClickFlare Website

    5. Trackerry

    Trackerry is a advanced tracking tool with unique features like:
    • 1-click domain SSL
    • Flagged Domain Monitoring and Automatic Replacing
    • Unlimited Assets uploading
    • Unlimited Domains
    • Unlimited Drill Downs
    • Editable Drag 'n Drop Columns
    Trackerry Specifications
    Name: Trackerry
    Website: https://trackerry.com
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: ❌
    Yearly Discount: βœ… 10%
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of Trackerry Homepage

    Trackerry advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons

    Trackerry Pricing

    Trackerry price plans

    VIEW Trackerry Coupon VISIT Trackerry Website

    4. Zeustrak

    Zeustrak is a tracker with landing page hosting and built-in cloaker It's mostly used for Facebook and Google Ads.
    Zeustrak Specifications
    Name: Zeustrak
    Website: https://zeustrack.io/
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: ❌
    Yearly Discount: ❌
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of Zeustrak Homepage

    Zeustrak advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons

    VIEW Zeustrak Coupon VISIT Zeustrak Website

    3. Voluum

    Voluum is one of the first easy to use trackers with advanced features. There is no need to use a Voluum Coupon to get discount, just register a Voluum account using the links below and commit to a yearly plan or longer.

    Try Voluum now for free with the 7-day trial

    • Voluum is an ad tracking and analytics platform designed for media buyers, agencies and affiliate marketers.
    • It was created in 2013 by Maciej ZawadziΕ„ski and Konrad GabryΕ› as a solution to track, optimize and automate online marketing campaigns across multiple traffic sources.
    • The main purpose of Voluum is to provide in-depth analytics and detailed visualization of campaign performance to improve results. It integrates with major advertising platforms to track data in real-time.
    • Key features include:
      • Traffic source analytics - track volume, costs and ROI for each source.
      • Campaign optimization - A/B test ads, adjust bids, blacklist low-performing sources.
      • Automated rules - set up rules to optimize campaigns automatically.
      • Attribution modeling - determine the value of each traffic source.
    Voluum Specifications
    Name: Voluum
    Website: http://voluum.com
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: βœ… 14 days
    Yearly Discount: βœ… 31%
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of Voluum Homepage

    Voluum advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons
    • Flexible targeting options: Voluum provides many options for targeting users, including contextual, behavioral, geographic, demographic, and more.
    • Depth of analytics: Voluum offers very detailed analytics on campaign performance, conversion tracking, attribution modeling, revenue tracking, and more.
    • Automation: Voluum has automation capabilities for optimizing campaigns, managing bids, pausing poor performers, and more. This saves time.
    • Integration with trackers: Voluum integrates with many third-party trackers like Google Analytics, which allows for deeper analytics.
    • Optimization tools: Voluum provides optimization tools for landing pages, ad creatives, keyword bids, and other campaign elements.
    • AI optimization: Voluum uses artificial intelligence to automatically optimize campaigns for higher performance.
    • Affordable pricing: Voluum is affordable compared to some other traffic sources and offers options to fit different budgets.
    • Customer support: Voluum is known for having excellent customer support via live chat, email, and phone.
    • High cost: Voluum has high monthly fees compared to some other tracking platforms.
    • Steep learning curve: The platform has a lot of advanced features which can make it overwhelming for beginners.
    • No built-in ad server: Voluum lacks its own ad serving capabilities found in some other platforms.
    • Limited support: Customer support is primarily done through documentation and forums which isn't ideal for complex issues.
    • Data silos: Voluum doesn't easily integrate with other marketing platforms leading to data silos.

    Voluum Key Features:

    • Traffic Sources - Voluum supports various ad networks, affiliate networks and traffic sources to track campaigns.
    • Campaign Management - Create, manage and optimize digital marketing campaigns in one platform. Set budgets, bids, targets and more.
    • Analytics & Reporting - In-depth analytics on campaign performance with custom and automatic reports. Track ROI and key metrics.
    • Attribution Modeling - Apply attribution models like last click, first click, time decay to see true campaign impact.
    • Automation - Automate campaign optimization with AI-powered algorithms and customizable rules.
    • Integrations - Connects with platforms like Google Analytics, Slack, and more to enhance capabilities.
    • Optimization - Built-in bid management and AI to automatically optimize campaigns for better performance.
    • Platform Security - Voluum uses enterprise-grade infrastructure and data security protocols.
    • Starter - $49 per month. For small businesses and startups. Allows 1 user and 50k monthly events.
    • Growth - $99 per month. For growing businesses. Allows 3 users and 150k monthly events.
    • Business - $199 per month. For established businesses. Allows 5 users and 500k monthly events.
    • Enterprise - Custom pricing. For large enterprises. Contact sales for details.

    VIEW Voluum Coupon VISIT Voluum Website

    2. Trackier

    Trackier offers a scalable attribution tracking solution that allows you to skillfully optimize your marketing performance using real-time partner analytics data.

    Try Tracker Free Trial

    • Trackier is a web application that helps users track their habits and goals.
    • It allows users to create habits they want to build, like exercising daily or reading more often.
    • Users can log their habit completions each day to track their progress over time.
    • Graphs and statistics give insights into how well users are sticking to their habits.
    • The app aims to help people build better habits and reach their goals through consistent tracking.
    Trackier Specifications
    Name: Trackier
    Website: https://trackier.com/
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: ❌
    Yearly Discount: ❌
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Screenshot of Trackier Homepage

    Trackier advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons
    • Simple and user-friendly interface: Easy for anyone to start using and tracking their goals right away.
    • Customizable goal setting: Flexibility to add any goals you want and track progress.
    • Motivational progress tracking: Visual way to see your progress which helps you stay motivated.
    • Reminders and notifications: Automatically reminds you to keep up with your goals.
    • Secure and private: Keeps your goals and progress private and secure.
    • Syncs across devices: Data syncs across phone, tablet, computer so tracking is seamless.
    • Community features: Join groups and connect with others pursuing similar goals.
    • Analytic reports: Charts and graphs provide insights into your progress.
    • Privacy concerns: Trackier collects a lot of personal data about users which raises privacy issues.
    • Potential for abuse: Location data could potentially be misused by bad actors to stalk or harm users.
    • Battery drain: Constant location tracking in the background can drain a phone's battery faster.
    • Inaccurate tracking: The app may record incorrect location data at times.
    • Costs money: While there is a free version, premium features require a paid subscription.
    • Can be distracting: Constant notifications and location sharing features may distract users.
    • May enable stalking: Abusive partners could use the app to stalk victims.
    • Data breaches: User data could potentially be hacked, leaked, or sold.

    Trackier Key Features:

    • App/Website Tracking - Track app usage and website visits
    • Location Tracking - Track location history and create maps
    • Time Tracking - Track how time is spent on apps, sites, and locations
    • Habit Tracking - Track habits, goals, and routines
    • Life Logging - Automatically log activities, locations, photos
    • Notes and Journaling - Take notes and daily journals
    • Mood Tracking - Track energy, mood, sleep quality
    • Health Tracking - Log food, exercise, symptoms, vitals
    • Expense Tracking - Record purchases and transactions
    • Task Management - Create tasks and to-do lists
    • Free Plan - Lets you track up to 5 domains with basic analytics.
    • Plus Plan - Track unlimited domains with advanced analytics for $9.99/month.
    • Pro Plan - Everything in Plus, plus API access and custom reporting for $19.99/month.
    • Enterprise Plan - Dedicated account manager, custom solutions, highest limits for $49.99/month.

    VIEW Trackier Coupon VISIT Trackier Website

    1. Post Affiliate Pro

    Find a more innovative way of promoting your business through an effective affiliate marketing strategy with Post Affiliate Pro. Affiliate marketing is a crucial strategy in today’s business partnership; that’s why Post Affiliate Pro keeps promoting an excellent and timely linkage between you and your affiliates, enabling you to track your commissions. The team behind Post Affiliate Prop created a software that is smart, quick, efficient, and endlessly scalable when it comes to managing your entire affiliate program. It’s ideal for small and medium enterprises to use Post Affiliate Pro, especially for those who want to begin and manage their affiliate programs.
    • Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate marketing software platform developed by QualityUnit.
    • Its purpose is to help businesses manage their affiliate marketing campaigns by tracking referrals and commissions.
    • It provides a dashboard to view affiliate performance metrics and statistics.
    • Key features include:
      • Affiliate recruitment and automated affiliate approval.
      • Affiliate link and coupon code generation.
      • Fraud protection through affiliate validation.
      • Detailed reporting on clicks, sales, commissions etc.
      • Tiered/recurring commission structures.
      • Integration with payment gateways like PayPal.
    • Overall, Post Affiliate Pro aims to streamline and optimize the affiliate marketing process for merchants.
    Post Affiliate Pro Specifications
    Name: Post Affiliate Pro
    Website: https://www.postaffiliatepro.com/
    Coupon Code: ❌
    Free Credits: ❌
    Free Trial: ❌
    Yearly Discount: ❌
    Unlimited Plan: ❌
    No Creditcard Required: βœ…
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    Affiliate Program
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    Screenshot of Post Affiliate Pro Homepage

    Post Affiliate Pro advantages and disadvantages

    Pros Cons
    • Easy to use interface: Post Affiliate Pro has an intuitive and easy to navigate interface. This makes it easy for even beginners to start using the software.
    • Powerful tracking and reporting: The software provides comprehensive tracking and reporting on all aspects of your affiliate program. You can easily see which affiliates are performing the best.
    • Supports multiple commission models: You can set up different commission models like pay per sale, pay per lead etc. The software handles the commission payouts seamlessly.
    • Automated affiliate signup: Affiliates can sign up to your program directly through the frontend of the software. This eliminates manual work for you.
    • Fraud protection: The software has built-in fraud protection to identify any suspicious clicks or conversions by affiliates.
    • Customizable: The software is highly customizable and white label. You can brand it as per your business needs.
    • Great support: The team behind Post Affiliate Pro is very responsive and provides stellar customer support.
    • Limited built-in analytics and tracking features
    • Steep learning curve for beginners
    • Costly monthly subscription fees for some advanced features
    • Can be complex to set up and manage for those new to affiliate marketing
    • Lacks some popular third-party integrations without custom development
    • Technical support is limited to higher-tier paid plans

    Post Affiliate Pro Key Features:

    • Affiliate network software - Allows you to create an affiliate program and recruit affiliates to promote your products/services
    • Affiliate tracking - Tracks visits, leads, sales etc generated by your affiliates so you can calculate commissions
    • Commission plans - Lets you create customized commission structures like percentage of sale, pay per lead etc
    • Affiliate management - Provides an interface to manage your affiliates, approve them, view analytics etc
    • Affiliate portal - Gives your affiliates their own portal to access promotional materials, track their stats etc
    • Automated payments - Supports automated payment of commissions to affiliates via PayPal, Payoneer etc
    • Referral program - Allows you to run referral incentive programs to acquire more users
    • Coupon tracking - Lets you create coupon codes and track affiliate referrals originating from coupons
    • Real-time reporting - Offers analytics and reports on affiliate performance and earnings
    • Fraud prevention - Has tools to detect and prevent affiliate fraud/abuse
    • Free - Limited to 50 affiliates, basic affiliate tracking features
    • Basic - $97/month, unlimited affiliates, tiered commissions, advanced tracking
    • Professional - $197/month, everything in Basic plus multi-tier commissions, pay-per-call tracking, advanced reporting
    • Enterprise - $497/month, everything in Professional plus unlimited administrators, white-label, priority support

    VIEW Post Affiliate Pro Coupon VISIT Post Affiliate Pro Website

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