1. Find Top Performing Ads for Inspiration

When you're just starting out with native advertising, it can be tricky to come up with ad creatives that actually convert. This is where Anstrex comes in super handy. You can sort ads by gravity, strength and duration to see the top performers in any niche.

The key here is that these ads are already battle-tested. You don't have to waste time and money testing out new creatives only to find they don't work. Just model your own ads after the top Anstrex ads in your niche. This saves you a ton of time and headaches!

2. Filter Ads to Uncover Hidden Gems

One of my favorite parts of Anstrex is all the different ways you can filter the ads. You can filter by language, geo location, device, category, affiliate network - you name it. This makes it easy to drill down to find very targeted, relevant ads.

For example, maybe you discover an advertiser is absolutely crushing it with Spanish language diet ads. You can then take that same offer and creatives to run your own Spanish diet promos. The filters help uncover these hidden gems you would otherwise never find on your own.

3. Boolean Search Finds You Laser Targeted Ads

Anstrex lets you use Boolean operators like AND, OR and NOT to combine keywords in your search. This is brilliant for finding ultra targeted ads.

For instance, you can search for "dog AND training NOT puppy" to find ads for dog training that don't focus on puppies. The Boolean searches cut out all the noise and surface ads that match your exact criteria. This unique feature is a huge time saver!

4. Analyze Landing Pages for Ad Ideas

One of the coolest parts of Anstrex is you can see full screenshots of the advertiser landing pages. This gives you a peek into their sales funnels and how they convert visitors.

You can get all kinds of inspiration for your own landing pages and funnels by studying what top advertisers are doing. See how they structure their pages, the copy they use, the visuals, etc. Their landing pages hold a goldmine of Intel you can apply to your own promotions.

5. Download & Deploy Landing Pages

Speaking of landing pages, Anstrex lets you download landing pages from top performing ads. You can then upload them to your own site or ad network.

This makes it super simple to launch campaigns using proven landing pages. No more wasting time trying to code up your own page from scratch. Just grab a high converting page and deploy it yourself.

The stats in Anstrex allow you to see daily, weekly and monthly performance for any ad or campaign. You can view trends over time to see when campaigns peaked, lost steam, etc.

These performance stats help you recognize what types of offers have staying power versus short lived fads. This insight helps you choose promos that will keep converting week after week, month after month.

7. Find Untapped Traffic Sources

Anstrex shows all the publishers and traffic sources advertisers are using to run their campaigns. You can see which placements are working well in your niche from the duration and volume data.

This uncovers great traffic sources you may have never considered before. You can reach out and lock down these proven publishers for your own campaigns. It's an easy way to tap into high quality, relevant traffic.

8. Scale Campaigns Globally

The device and geo data in Anstrex reveals how well ads perform in different locations and on mobile vs desktop. You can use this intel to fine tune your targeting and scale campaigns to new geo markets.

For example, you may see a British advertiser killing it with mobile app install ads in India. You can then take that same creatives and run mobile app promos targeted specifically to Indian users.

9. Streamlined Workflow

Anstrex integrates seamlessly with other tools like Landerbolt and Redtrack. This creates an awesome streamlined workflow.

You can use Anstrex to find top performing landing pages, download them and upload to Landerbolt. Then integrate Landerbolt with Redtrack to spy on your own campaign metrics. The integrations between the tools help you launch and scale campaigns faster.

10. Exclusive Coupons Save You Money

Lastly, our exclusive Anstrex coupons help you save big money compared to paying full price. You can test things out risk-free with the 2-day free trial coupon. Or get an extra 20% off all plans with the limited-time promo code we provide.

Either way, you don't have to break the bank to access all the powerful benefits of Anstrex. Our coupons make this tool very affordable!

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