Today's coupons and deals on Anstrex Push valid from April till May 2024

Save $48 on Anstrex Push + Native (Bundle Discount + Coupon)

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Create an Anstrex account using our linkChoose Anstrex ...More

  • Create an Anstrex account using our link
  • Choose Anstrex Push + Native to get a $20 combo discount,
  • Apply our coupon code AW20 to get an additional $28 discount (20%) for a total of $48 discount

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20% Anstrex Push Lifetime Discount

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Use our link to get a 20% Lifetime Discount on Anstrex. The discount will be applied manually by contacting support.

  • Sign up and pay the full amount for Anstrex
  • Contact support and mention coupon AW20, and they will refund 20% right away.

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Anstrex Push Coupons & Promo Highlights 2024

Discover the greatest Anstrex Push coupon code or promo as of April 17th 2024. Plus, we list all other 2 Anstrex Push coupons, deals and offers for largest savings on your monthly or yearly plan.

Anstrex Push Coupon Offers Anstrex Push Coupon Offer Details Anstrex Push Promo Code Details
Anstrex Push Discount Code 20% Anstrex Push Lifetime Discount AW20
Anstrex Push Discount Offer Save $48 on Anstrex Push + Native (Bundle Discount + Coupon) AW20

How to Apply the 30% Anstrex Coupon?

Follow these instructions to apply the coupon code for Anstrex Push:

Step #1: Create an Anstrex Push account

Step #2: Choose Anstrex Push plan

Step #3: Click on "Apply coupon" and enter the coupon code "AW20", then click on the red arrow button.

Step #4: You will see a confirmation that the discount coupon has been applied. Click on "Proceed To Checkout" button

Step #5: Fill in your billing details and click on "Next" to complete the payment.

Voila, you have just scored 20% discount on Anstrex Push.

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Search Filters

You can filter the ads in Anstrex Push by:

  • Ad Network
  • Category
  • Country
  • Device
  • Affiliate Network
  • Tracking Tools
  • Keyword Search
  • Advanced Boolean Searching

 Sorting Methods

And you can sort the ads by:

  • Popularity
  • Duration
  • Date

Anstrex Push Screenshots

Here's what you see after you login to Anstrex Push.

Anstrex Built-in Landing Page Ripper

After you found an ad creative that you like, you can go ahead and download any landing page using their built-in downloader. What's more, you can instantly edit the landing page using their advanced custom HTML editor. Easily modify text, swap images and update the links.

Seamless Deployment to Server

To make things even more powerful, you seamlessly upload the lander to your server by FTP or deploy it on an AWS S3 bucket, all through their platform.  This saves you enormous amount of time and hassle as you don't have to download the lander to your PC first, then modify, and upload it separately.

Data Visualisation

Anstrex monitors tens of thousands of publishers, this allows you to find out which targets are working for advertisers. You can filter the ads by:

  • Traffic Source
  • GEO
  • Device

What's more, you can view the real CPC bids for many campaigns, together with its history.

Support  Ad Networks for Push Notifications

With Anstrex Push you can find ads and filter on them for the following push notification ad networks:

AdCash AdExtrem AdMachine AdMaven
AdRight AdSupply Adeum Adgebra
AdsCompass AdsTerra Bidvertiser ClickStar
Clickadu DaoAd DatsPush ETarg
EZMob EvaDav ExoClick ForeMedia
HillTopAds Kadam MegaPush MondiAd
PPCBuzz PlugRush PopCash PopMyAds
PropellerAds PusHub PushGround PushHouse
ReachEffect RichAds SelfAdvertiser ShowCaseAds
SitePlug TeaserMedia TrafMag TrafficHunt
TrafficStars ZeroPark  

Compare Anstrex Push vs SpyPush vs AdPlexity Push

Here you can see how Anstrex Push stacks up against other spy tools for push ads like SpyPush and AdPlexity Push.

FeaturesAnstrex PushSpyPushAdPlexity Push
Total Ad Networks3878
Number of Countries9214027
Number of Ads3M+500K+700K+
Data Filtersβœ…
Keyword Searchβœ…
Save/Recall Searchβœ…
Affiliate Network Detectionβœ…
Landing Page Toolsβœ…
CPC Bid Historyβœ…
Advanced Boolean Searchingβœ…
Alerts on Competitorsβœ…
Monthly Pricing$89.99$49$249


As you can see, the cost of Anstrex Push is in the middle with $89.99 compared to $49 for SpyPush and $249 for AdPlexity Push. Anstrex has the most ads  and ad networks. This is one of key features you want to look for in a spy tool.

The number of countries is only higher for SpyPush, which is not a  big issue as Anstrex covers all tier 1 and tier 2 geos. More countries is only useful if you are looking for ads in the more exotic countries, for this you can choose SpyPush as they have the most, with 140 available countries.

Price-wise, Anstrex stands in the middle, and to be honest that is justified, because you get more bang for your bucks. It has more ads and more than triple the number of ad networks. Plus, it has some advanced features like Boolean Searching, Alerts on Competitors, Landing Page Tools, CPC Bid History, all of which SpyPush and AdPlexity Push don't have.

Anstrex Push Details

Primary Category Ads Spy Tools
Secondary Category Push
Affiliate Program Available
Monthly visits 100K

Screenshot of Anstrex Push

Screenshot of the Anstrex Push website

FAQ About Anstrex Push Coupons & Deals

How many Anstrex Push coupons can I claim?

πŸ’‘ You can only enter 1 Anstrex Push coupon per account. Use the Anstrex Push coupon code "AW20" at the checkout. Click on "Add promotion code", then enter our exclusive coupon code AW20 and click "Apply". Our coupons can be redeemed for an unlimited amount unless specified otherwise, so you can share it with your friends and they will also get the discount or free trial.

Does Anstrex Push offer a freemium plan?

🚫 Unfortunately, Anstrex Push does not offer a freemium plan.

Do you have a Anstrex Push coupon/deal for free credits or a trial?

🚫 Unfortunately, Anstrex Push does not have a coupon that offers you a free trial.

Does Anstrex Push have a yearly discount deal?

🚫 Unfortunately, Anstrex Push does not have a promotion that offers discount when you subscribe to a yearly plan.

Anstrex Push Lifetime deal, does it exist?

βœ… Yes, you can get Anstrex Push for a one-time payment, which is always a great deal as you won't get billed every month.

Here's how to get it:

  1. 20% Anstrex Push Lifetime Discount

Is there any special offer or bonus when I sign up for Anstrex Push?

🚫 Unfortunately, Anstrex Push does not have a promotion when you sign up.

Does Anstrex Push have a special promotion for students?

🚫 Unfortunately, Anstrex Push does not have a promotion for students.

Is there an expiry date on the Anstrex Push coupon?

πŸ’‘ With the exception of season offers, all of our promo deals and coupons for Anstrex Push are available for an unlimited amount of time and do not expire.

Does Anstrex Push offer a money back guarantee?

🚫 Unfortunately, Anstrex Push does not publicly disclose that they have money back guarantee. However, you could still ask them nicely for a refund, if you are not satisfied with their service.

Can I use the Anstrex Push coupon without entering my credit card details?

βœ… Yes, you do not need to enter your payment details to take advantage of the free credits/trial.

Am I allowed to share the Anstrex Push coupon with my friend?

βœ… Yes, you can share the Anstrex Push coupon with anyone you like and as many times as you want. It is allowed and the coupon is not exclusively for one person.

Can I pay with Paypal for a Anstrex Push subscription?

🚫 No, unfortunately Anstrex Push does not accept PayPal payments.

How can I confirm that the Anstrex Push coupon is valid, without having to pay?

πŸ’‘ When you enter the coupon, you instantly see a confirmation that it is valid. At this stage, you do not have to enter any payment details. Sometimes, it will immediately show the discount on the page when you open one of our special offer links.

Can I combine Anstrex Push coupons to get more discounts?

🚫 No, you can only use one Anstrex Push coupon at a time. However, you can stack the coupon on a yearly discount to save even more on Anstrex Push.

Does Anstrex Push have an affiliate program?

βœ… Yes,you can create an account with Anstrex Push, then verify your email. Once you are logged in, look for the "Affiliate Program" website. Sometimes it's called "Referral Program" or "Partner Program".

I have a question about Anstrex Push, can you help me?

βœ… Sure, just submit your question on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is it possible to submit a coupon or special promotion for Anstrex Push?

βœ… Definitely, you can use the form below to submit your coupon for Anstrex Push. We kindly request you to submit only valid coupons. If you are the site owner and would like to be listed with your app/service, you can use the contact form and we'll be in touch with you.

Earn Commissions with the Anstrex Push Affiliate Program


Join the Anstrex Push Affiliate Program by creating an ...More

Join the Anstrex Push Affiliate Program by creating an account, then:

  • Verify your email address, and login
  • Go to the "Affiliate Program" which you can find in the footer links or under "Account" profile.
  • If you can't find it try looking for "Referral Program" or "Partner Program"
  • Less

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