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Use our link to sign up for and get 1000 Free API Credits.


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99 % Success Coupon Review 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive and detailed review. Inside, you'll find screenshots showcasing all its features, along with exclusive coupons and special offers as a bonus. Learn everything you need to know about, including its functions, why it's essential for your online affiliate marketing campaigns, and how to make the most of the coupon.

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Pricing has 4 credit plans: Hobby, Pro, Business and Custom.

The starting plancosting $29/mo is Hobby with 250K API credits   plus:

  • 5 Concurrent Requests
  • Datacenter proxies
  • Sticky Sessions
  • Unlimied Bandwidth
  • Email Suppport

Try with a Free Trial on the Hobby Plan

Next plan is Pro with 1.25M API credits, five times as much for for only thee times higher price at $99/mo, which is a great deal itself. Additionally you get to access a few new features:

  • 15 Concurrent Requests
  • JavaScript Rendering
  • Play with Browser
  • 19 Geotargeting
  • Priority Email Support

Try with a Free Trial on the Pro Plan

Lastly, for large organizations, the Business plan with 3.5M API credits for two and half times the price of Pro at $249/mo. Again, an even better deal. What's more, you get  access to the following features:

  • 40 Concurrent Requests
  • Residential & Mobile Proxies
  • World Wide Geotargeting
  • Account Manager
  • Dedicated Support

Try with a Free Trial on the Business Plan

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Key Benefits

  • Effortless Proxy Rotation:
    Gain access to a vast network of over 95 million proxies spanning across 150+ countries worldwide.
  • Supervised Headless Browsers:
    Efficiently render your web pages using our expertly managed headless browsers.
  • Effective Anti-Bot Solution Evasion:
    Scrape any website without the hassle of being blocked by anti-bot measures.
  • Lightning-Fast Gateway:
    Experience unmatched speed with the proxy industry's swiftest gateway.

Key Features

  • Web scraping: can extract data from websites by scraping HTML, APIs, JavaScript and more.
  • Data extraction: It can automatically pull structured data from documents, tables, forms and other unstructured sources.
  • Cloud scraping: runs in the cloud allowing large scale, distributed web scraping.
  • Visual workflow builder: It has a visual workflow builder to configure scraping jobs without code.
  • APIs and integrations: provides APIs to integrate and manage scraping in applications.
  • Proxies: It supports proxy rotation to bypass scraping limits and blockers.
  • Regex: Regex extraction allows scraping data via complex text patterns.
  • AI models: It can apply AI models like OCR for intelligent data extraction.
  • Alerts & monitoring: Users can set up alerts and monitor scraping jobs.
  • Data exports: Scraped data can be exported to databases, data warehouses, APIs, files and more.

Powerful Web Scraping Capabilities has extremely powerful web scraping capabilities. The platform can scrape data from websites by extracting HTML, accessing APIs, executing JavaScript, and more. It provides advanced tools like visual workflow builders, Regex extraction, and proxy rotation to bypass scraping blocks and limits. This enables large scale, efficient, and undetected cloud scraping.

Intelligent Data Extraction

Beyond web scraping, can intelligently extract structured data from documents, tables, forms, and other unstructured sources. It uses advanced techniques like AI models and OCR to automatically pull clean, organized data from messy inputs. This automates manual data entry and extraction work for users.

Scraping Management & Integrations provides robust tools for managing web scraping work. Users can configure alerts and monitor scraping jobs. The platform has APIs to integrate scraping capabilities into other applications. It also allows easy exporting of scraped data to databases, warehouses, files, and more. These features make a powerful and flexible scraping solution.


  • Easy to use: has an intuitive interface that is easy for beginners to learn.
  • Powerful scraping: It can scrape data from almost any website and has robust handling of Javascript sites.
  • Reliable: rarely faces downtime or errors during scrapes.
  • Affordable pricing: Plans start at $39/month which is very affordable compared to other scrapers.
  • Good support: The team is very responsive to customer queries and issues.


  • Limited number of scrapes: has limits on how many pages you can scrape per month on their free plan.
  • No browser rendering: doesn't execute Javascript, so any content loaded dynamically won't be scraped.
  • No customization: You can't customize the scrapers much beyond adjusting the CSS selectors.
  • No API access: The platform doesn't have an API to integrate scraped data into other apps.
  • No configurable schedules: You can't schedule scrapes, they have to be triggered manually.

What are the key advantages of using to crush your competitors?

  • Powerful data extraction - can extract large amounts of data from websites quickly and accurately using advanced scraping technology.
  • Competitor monitoring - Monitor your competitors' prices, products, content etc. in real-time so you can respond quickly.
  • Data-driven decisions - The data provides allows you to analyze markets, spot trends and opportunities, informing your business strategy.
  • Automation - enables you to schedule and automate data collection, saving you time and effort.
  • Web scraping expertise -'s team has years of experience building scrapers, allowing them to navigate complex sites and evade anti-scraping measures.
  • Scalability - Easily scale up or down scraping operations to suit your business needs thanks to's flexibility.
  • Affordable pricing - is very cost-effective compared to building and maintaining your own scraping infrastructure.

Who gets the most out of

  • Data analysts who want to extract data from websites to analyze
  • Developers who need to scrape websites to use data in applications
  • Researchers doing web scraping for academic studies or investigations
  • Journalists gathering data by scraping sites for reporting
  • Marketers scraping sites to monitor competitors or gather marketing intelligence

Data analysts often use web scraping to extract data from websites that can be used for analysis. By scraping content, formatting data, and storing it in a structured format, analysts can gain insights to inform business decisions. For example, analysts may scrape pricing data from e-commerce sites to analyze price trends over time. Or they may extract user review data to perform sentiment analysis. Web scraping allows analysts to harvest large volumes of web data efficiently compared to manual copying and pasting.

Developers utilize web scraping in applications to integrate external data into their products and services. Scraped data can be used to enhance features and functionality. For instance, travel sites may scrape flight and hotel listings from other websites to display price comparisons. Review sites can scrape critic reviews from media sites to show ratings. Developers can also use scrapers to collect data for training machine learning models. Overall, web scraping enables developers to save time and effort vs building these data collection features from scratch.

For researchers, web scraping provides a method to systematically gather large datasets from the web for analysis. In academia, researchers may use scrapers to collect data for studies on online behavior and trends. Government and nonprofit researchers can also leverage web scraping for investigations in the public interest. For example, scraping job listings or real estate listings to detect potential discrimination. Scraping automates data collection compared to manual copying, allowing researchers to gather more data with less effort.

Journalists use web scraping as a reporting tool to collect facts, statistics, and other details for news stories. Scraping public databases, archives, records sites and other sources allows journalists to uncover story leads and augment their research. News scrapers can also rapidly gather large volumes of data for data journalism investigations. For instance, scraping speeches, financial disclosures, or legislation text for textual analysis. For journalists, web scrapers facilitate efficient aggregation of disparate bits of information online.

The history of and how it adds value for customers.

  • is a web scraping and data extraction platform.
  • It allows users to easily extract data from websites without coding.
  • provides a graphical interface to define data extraction workflows visually.
  • It supports extracting data from HTML pages as well as APIs.
  • The platform handles proxies, crawling, pagination, and other common web scraping challenges automatically.
  • is designed to make web data extraction fast, easy and reliable for non-technical users.

Best alternatives in 2023

  • Beautiful Soup - A Python library for pulling data out of HTML and XML files. Good for simple scraping projects.
  • Scrapy - An open source web scraping framework for Python. More complex but good for large, robust scraping projects.
  • Selenium - Automates web browsers for scraping. Allows javascript pages to be scraped.
  • Puppeteer - A node.js library for headless chrome automation. Like Selenium but for Javascript. Semantics

Category Type Key Features Descriptors
Data Extraction Web Scraping Web scraping, Data extraction, Cloud scraping, Visual workflow builder, APIs and integrations, Proxies, Regex extraction, AI models, Alerts & monitoring Automated, Structured data, Unstructured sources, Distributed, Configurable,Rotation, Text patterns, Intelligent, Monitoring, Exports

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