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Use our coupon AW20 to get 20% discount on Cloudimage...More

Use our coupon AW20 to get 20% discount on Cloudimage

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  • valid for any plan (Personal, ,Startup, Pro, Rocket and Enterprise)
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How does Cloudimage work?

  1. We download and cache: On first image load, we get your image from your server in our own cache. You can optionally use Cloudimage as an image store as well.
  2. We crop, resize, cut, watermark, colorize, rotate, and compress your images. Cloudimage converts your images into WebP for even more size reduction.
  3. We lighten the weight of your images by intelligently applying the best compression for the maximum level of byte reduction imperceptible to the human eye.

Your images are delivered at the speed of light anywhere around the world via our multi-CDN architecture.

What is the impact of Cloudimage?

0.1s site speed improvement = 8% increase in conversions!

Optimize your site’s images to improve page speeds, SEO rankings, and the customer experience.

How to implement Cloudimage?

  • Libraries: Javascript (React, Angular, Vue) and Ruby Gem
  • Plugins: WordPress, Magento2, Wizaplace
  • Integration tutorials: Drupal, Prismic, Prestashop and Shopify