Two weeks ago we started sending our Back Button traffic to Monetizer with Push collection enabled and these are the stats:

Our Monetizer stats on Push as of today

How To Enable Push Collection on Monetizer?

Just create a link as always and enable the following option:

Make sure you enable the option "Optimise for Push Subscription Collection"

Here are some more stats

As you can see we send 703k visits and we got 8499 conversions so that is a Conversion Rate of 1.21%.

Our total revenue is $694.06. On average we get paid $0.08 per subscription.

Not bad for just back button traffic.

How To Redirect Your Back Button Traffic?

Use the following JavaScript code to redirect visitors when they click the Back Button. Replace {backbutton_url} with your own URL.

! function () {
         var t;
         try {
             const URL = window.location.href.split(/[#]/)[0];
             for (t = 0; 10 > t; ++t) history.pushState({}, "", URL+'#')
             onpopstate = function(event){
                 event.state && location.replace('{backbutton_url}');
         } catch (o) { console.log( o ); }

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