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Register for IPRoyal through our link, then:

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  • Complete payment
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Table of contents

  1. IPRoyal Coupon Review 2024
  2. Proxy Types
  3. Pricing
  4. How To Apply the Coupon to Get 50% Off Royal Residential
  5. Use Cases
  6. Screenshots

IPRoyal Coupon Review 2024

Welcome to our in-depth coupon review on IPRoyal where we explain you all of their products like  Residential, Static Residential, Sneaker, Datacenter, Mobile and Private Proxies plus a step by step guide on how you can claim 50% off on any Royal Residential Proxies purchase.

Using our exclusive coupon you can get 50% on any GB bundle when ordering Royal Residential Proxies.  IPRoyal already gives a discount starting from 15% when you order 2 GB. This can increase up to 75% when you order 10,000 GB or more. However, with our coupon you get 50% straight away no matter how much GB you order.

This is only beneficial if you order 500 GB or less,  as they already give 50% discount when you order 500 GB or more with them. The image below illustrates the default IPRoyal discount percentage for each bracket:

Proxy Types

IPRoyal offers the following type of proxies:

  • Residential proxies
  • Static residential proxies
  • Sneaker proxies
  • Datacenter proxies
  • Private proxies
  • Mobile proxies

Additionally, you can use the following tools with them:

  • Google Chrome Proxy Extension
  • Firefox Proxy Extension
  • Proxy Tester


IPRoyal a different pricing structure for each type of proxy:

  • Residential proxies: price per GB. Discounts from 2 GB  (15%) up to 65% at 5000 GB.
  • Static residential proxies: price per proxy per day or per month. Discounts from 60 days or more.
  • Sneaker proxies: price per proxy per 30 days, 60 days or 90 days.
  • Datacenter proxies: price per proxy per 30 days, 60 days or 90 days.
  • Private proxies: price per proxy per 30 days, 60 days or 90 days.
  • Mobile proxies: price per proxy per day or per month. Discounts from 60 days or more.

50% Coupon Code

Use the coupon AW50 to get 50% discount on IPRoyal on any product.

How To Apply the Coupon to Get 50% Off Royal Residential

Step #1: Choose Royal Residential Proxies

Step #2: Click on Buy Now

Step #3: Choose Number of GB

Our IPRoyal coupon code is beneficial for up to 499 GB. Above that you already get a discount of 50% or more without the need of entering a coupon code. You can see the pricing table below with bundle discounts:

Step #4: Click on Buy Now

Step #5: Click on "Have a coupon?" and enter the coupon code "AW50", then click on "Apply" like this:

After you click apply, you will see a confirmation that the 50% discount has been applied.

Enjoy your savings on IPRoyal with our exclusive coupon code AW50!

Use Cases

Here are six use cases of how people use proxies from IPRoyal:

  • Proxies for Content Management
    Most people only know proxies as a way to unblock Netflix or get a bit more security on public WiFi. But proxy servers can do much more, from enterprise content management to home use.
  • Proxies for Data Scraping
    We live in an information-driven world where web scraping gathers unstructured data from different sources into one place. Its biggest advantage is consolidating this data. Efficient and accurate web scraping is not possible without adequate proxies.
  • Proxies for Stock Market Data
    Stock market data offers traders real-time insight into current market conditions. This data helps businesses, agencies, and investors optimize investments and identify pricing trends impossible to see before.
  • Proxies for Travel Fare Aggregation
    Travel sites aggregate data from airlines, agencies, and other sources to find the best fares. They face challenges collecting large amounts of data across many websites. Proxy services help them overcome these hurdles for smooth data gathering.
  • Proxies for Unblocking Restricted Websites
    Websites often restrict access based on location or limit requests per minute. Proxies let you bypass these restrictions to access blocked content and scrape data.
  • Proxies Prevent IP Blocks for Market Research
    Market research requires large-scale, reliable data collection without interruptions. Predicting global trends involves rapidly accessing many websites, often triggering IP blocks, CAPTCHAs, and geo-restrictions. Our proxies minimize these issues for seamless market research.



Here's what the IPRoyal dashboard looks like at first glance:

IPRoyal Details

Primary Category Proxy
Affiliate Program Available
Monthly visits 859K

Screenshot of IPRoyal

Screenshot of the IPRoyal website

FAQ About IPRoyal Coupons & Deals

How many IPRoyal coupons can I claim?

πŸ’‘ You can only enter 1 IPRoyal coupon per account. Use the IPRoyal coupon code "AW50" at the checkout. Click on "Add promotion code", then enter our exclusive coupon code AW50 and click "Apply". Our coupons can be redeemed for an unlimited amount unless specified otherwise, so you can share it with your friends and they will also get the discount or free trial.

Does IPRoyal offer a freemium plan?

🚫 Unfortunately, IPRoyal does not offer a freemium plan.

Do you have a IPRoyal coupon/deal for free credits or a trial?

🚫 Unfortunately, IPRoyal does not have a coupon that offers you a free trial.

Does IPRoyal have a yearly discount deal?

🚫 Unfortunately, IPRoyal does not have a promotion that offers discount when you subscribe to a yearly plan.

IPRoyal Lifetime deal, does it exist?

🚫 Unfortunately, IPRoyal does not have any lifetime deal. Any site that claims to have it are bogus. Any IPRoyal lifetime deal promotion is fake and dishonest sites use it as a bait to get you clicking on their affiliate links.

Is there any special offer or bonus when I sign up for IPRoyal?

🚫 Unfortunately, IPRoyal does not have a promotion when you sign up.

Does IPRoyal have a special promotion for students?

🚫 Unfortunately, IPRoyal does not have a promotion for students.

Is there an expiry date on the IPRoyal coupon?

πŸ’‘ With the exception of season offers, all of our promo deals and coupons for IPRoyal are available for an unlimited amount of time and do not expire.

Does IPRoyal offer a money back guarantee?

🚫 Unfortunately, IPRoyal does not publicly disclose that they have money back guarantee. However, you could still ask them nicely for a refund, if you are not satisfied with their service.

Can I use the IPRoyal coupon without entering my credit card details?

βœ… Yes, you do not need to enter your payment details to take advantage of the free credits/trial.

Am I allowed to share the IPRoyal coupon with my friend?

βœ… Yes, you can share the IPRoyal coupon with anyone you like and as many times as you want. It is allowed and the coupon is not exclusively for one person.

Can I pay with Paypal for a IPRoyal subscription?

🚫 No, unfortunately IPRoyal does not accept PayPal payments.

How can I confirm that the IPRoyal coupon is valid, without having to pay?

πŸ’‘ When you enter the coupon, you instantly see a confirmation that it is valid. At this stage, you do not have to enter any payment details. Sometimes, it will immediately show the discount on the page when you open one of our special offer links.

Can I combine IPRoyal coupons to get more discounts?

🚫 No, you can only use one IPRoyal coupon at a time. However, you can stack the coupon on a yearly discount to save even more on IPRoyal.

Does IPRoyal have an affiliate program?

βœ… Yes,you can create an account with IPRoyal, then verify your email. Once you are logged in, look for the "Affiliate Program" website. Sometimes it's called "Referral Program" or "Partner Program".

I have a question about IPRoyal, can you help me?

βœ… Sure, just submit your question on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is it possible to submit a coupon or special promotion for IPRoyal?

βœ… Definitely, you can use the form below to submit your coupon for IPRoyal. We kindly request you to submit only valid coupons. If you are the site owner and would like to be listed with your app/service, you can use the contact form and we'll be in touch with you.

Earn Commissions with the IPRoyal Affiliate Program


Join the IPRoyal Affiliate Program by creating an accou...More

Join the IPRoyal Affiliate Program by creating an account, then:

  • Verify your email address, and login
  • Go to the "Affiliate Program" which you can find in the footer links or under "Account" profile.
  • If you can't find it try looking for "Referral Program" or "Partner Program"
  • Less