This trick is similar to Vultr Traffic Miner except this is for DigitalOcean, basically the market leader in cloud hosting with 14m visitors per month compared while Vultr only has 2m visitors per month.

There's only a small change in the script, the path of the default NGINX config file.


echo "server {    listen       80 default_server;    server_name  _;    rewrite   ^\$server_addr;}" > /etc/nginx/sites-available/digitalocean
sudo service nginx restart
What Do You Need To Get Started
  • DigitalOcean (Get $10 Free Credit Using This Link)
  • Voluum or any other tracking software
Also with DigitalOcean you don't need to invest money upfront because you get $200 free credit when you sign up through the link above. This is only $10 less than the promotion with Vultr where you get $20 free credit.