Here you will find a comparison and reviews of the Top 16 Best Cloakers in the world, updated for 2020.

Keeping accounts alive is getting harder and harder nowadays with Facebook Ads and Google Ads. That’s why you need to equip yourself with the best Cloaker that has the most advanced filters and up-to-date internal databases.

Spy Tools like AdSpy are popping up like mushrooms and expose your profitable crypto landing pages. You need a Cloaker to stay hidden from these bots and show them your safe site instead. There are only a few detection tools out there to detect Spy Tool crawlers.

Cloakers Comparison Table

#NameWebsiteTrialCheapest PackageExpensive PackageLanguageSupportAffiliate Program
1Cloakerly available$149 per month$1099 per monthEnglish[email protected]Unknown
2LeadCloak available$399 per month$1999 per monthEnglishcontact formYes
3Keitaro days$25 per month$70 per monthEnglish/Russian[email protected]Yes
4Traffic Armor available$129 per month$599 per monthEnglish[email protected]yes
5Zeustrak days249 euro per month899 euro per monthEnglish/Russian[email protected]No
6JustCloakIt available$399 per month$1999 per monthEnglishcontact formUnknown
7Kowboy Kit available$1500 per month$3500 per monthEnglishcontact formYes
8Fair days499 euro per month1199 per monthEnglish
9LinksCloaking available$150 per 12k visits$500 per 200k visitsEnglishcontact formYes
10FraudFilter available$199 per monthcontactEnglish[email protected]Unknown
11TrafficShield available199 euro per month1499 euro per monthEnglish/Russianskype: live:contact_55936Yes
12CLOAK IT available$60 per month$240 per monthEnglish/Russian
13Hide.Click days$95 per month$1495 per monthRussian[email protected]Unknown
14BHOLE.SPACE day$25 per monthEnglish/RussianTicket SystemUnknown
15IM KLO availableUnknownUnknownEnglish/Russian
16NoIpFraud availableUnknownUnknownEnglish[email protected]Unknown

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#1) LeadCloak

LeadCloak offers Campaign Packages with unlimited clicks. You are only limited by the number of active campaigns at once.

This is especially convenient if you have one profitable campaign that you wanna scale as much as possible. With the profits, you can climb up the ladder and afford the bigger packages to increase the active campaigns.

In addition to campaign packages, LeadCloak also offers Clicks Packages where you “Pay-As-You-Go” starting from $299 for 150,000 clicks.

This is usually for starters that want to try LeadCloak and make it work. The cheapest Clicks Package is $100 less to step in compared to the Campaign Packages.


– Unlimited campaigns
– Detailed Click Log
– JavaScript CDN integration
– PHP integration
– WordPress plugin
– API access
– City level GEO Filter
– Fast IPv4/IPv6 Filter
– Weighted URL rotation for split testing
– Tracker integration
– URL query parameter filtering
– CSV exports
– Real-time stats with hourly granularity
– IP type filter – corporate, datacenter, residential etc.
– HTTP referrer filter and logs
– Device filter
– OS filter
– Browser filter
– ISP/ORG/Carrier filter
– User-Agent filter
– PageSentry – Protects landing page
– VisitorCap – Landing Page Frequency Capper
– CloakMatic – Smart Campaign Activator
– Custom Filters
– WebRTC-based IP Leak Detection
– IPv6 support
– Chat support

Campaigns Packages

Start – $399 per monthProfessional – $619 per monthPremium – $1199 per monthEnterprise – $1999 per month
Up to 5 active campaigns at onceUp to 10 active campaigns at onceUp to 20 active campaigns at onceUp to 40 active campaigns at once

Clicks Packages

Starter – $99 Professional – $299Premium – $599Enterprise – $999
$99 / 24.5k clicks
$0.004 per click
No Live Chat Support
$299 / 150k clicks
$0.002 per click
Live Chat Support
$599 / 600k clicks
$0.001 per click
Live Chat Support
$999 / 1,250k clicks
$0.008 per click
Live Chat Support

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#2) Traffic Armor

One of the longest-standing cloakers in the industry: Traffic Armor.

Traffic Armor’s key features: Geographic Rerouting, Blacklist Competitors, Block Bots & Spy Tools and Stop Fraudulent Visitors, is packed with tons of filtering options.

One of their main advantages are:

  • No Technical Skills Needed
  • Unnoticeable Visitor Testing
  • Pre-Loaded “Global” Databases
  • Extremely Fast Checks
  • Build Custom Blacklists
  • Upload Your Own Blacklists
  • Paid Databases for Accuracy
  • “Denial Reason” Breakdown
  • Massive Capacity & Redundancy
  • Ability to Process Tens of millions of Visitors Per Day

Traffic Armor has 6 different pricing options, the bigger the package, the cheaper the cost per click.


Small – $129 Medium – $299Large – $599
– 32,500 Clicks
– $0.004 Cost Per Click
– Ideal for <1,000 daily clicks
– 150,000 Clicks
– $0.002 Cost Per Click
– Ideal for <5,000 daily clicks
– 599,000 Clicks
– $0.001 Cost Per Click
– Ideal for <20,000 daily clicks
Biweekly – $599Weekly – $599Daily – $599
665,000 Clicks
$0.0009 Cost Per Click
Ideal for <50,000 daily clicks
2 Billings Commitment
705,000 Clicks
$0.00085 Cost Per Click
Ideal for <100,000 daily clicks
4 Billings Commitment
750,000 Clicks
$0.0008 Cost Per Click
Ideal for <750,000 daily clicks
7 Day Commitment


Unused clicks are carried-over to subsequent periods and never expire.


Traffic Armor is very selective about their clients. Only a limited number are accepted to help their existing customers maintain an advantage over their competitors.

All new accounts are subject to manual review.

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#3) Keitaro

Keitaro is a relatively cheap self-hosted tracker + Cloaker all-in-one.

Take a look at Keitaroo’s features:

  • Intelligent Split Testing & Rotators
  • Flexible Actions
  • Easy to Navigate Detailed In-Depth Stats
  • All Type of Traffic Sources Compatibility
  • All Type of Affiliates Model Compatibility
  • Link Protection
  • Unlimited Users Support
  • APIs
  • Extensibility
  • Speed & Accuracy
  • Technical Support
  • One-Click Installation

Unique Features

One of their unique features is the ability to create your own action scripts, filters, and macros.

Another benefit is you pay only a fixed price for unlimited clicks because Keitaro is a self-hosted tracker.

Basic – $25/monthPro – $40/monthBusiness – $70/month
Basic Features
Free SSL
Data Privacy
Technical Support
Lifetime Software Upgrades
30 Days Money-back Guarantee
Multiple Tracking Domains
1-5 Additional Users
WordPress Integration
Click API
Custom Actions and Redirects (PHP)
Custom Macros (PHP)
Priority Support
More Than 5 Additional Users
Branding Features
Admin API
Tracker Will be Installed by Our Team

* prices may be subject to VAT (Value Added Tax) in the EU

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