Here’s a list of programs that we have blacklisted due to various reasons. Most of them trying to cheat us out of our commissions.


Reason for blacklisting:
First generating a coupon code for us and then after a dozen of sales are made retract the coupon code.

Then sends us an email to remove the coupon code from our website, which we did.

After asking about the commissions, they pretend they didn’t receive any emails.

After another month send a 2nd email to announce that we have been removed from the affiliate program.

Until then, still no commissions paid.

We strongly advise you to not promote Madgicx as you will most likely not be paid for your commissions.

Traffic Armor

Reason for blacklisting:
They sent us an email that one of the affiliate managers was recommending Traffic Armor to their affiliate. This affiliate then searched for Traffic Armor coupon and found our website.

Traffic Armor claims this is not fair and the sale should be allocated to the Affiliate Manager.

They should be aware and expect that these things can happen if you use coupon codes. If they don’t like it then they shouldn’t use coupon codes.

Instead they treat us as if we are the bad guys.

They paid us all commisions but decided to discontinue our partnership.

Do not work with Traffic Armor as they engage in unfair practices.