As a super affiliate you will have campaigns that rake thousands of dollars profit per day and one of the things that hurts your business the most is whenever your landing page domain is flagged for malware by Google SafeBrowsing.

The majority of your visitors will never see your actual landing page whenever your domain is flagged by Google SafeBrowsing. This means you will miss conversions and lose money. You will lose even more money if you have paid for the traffic.

That’s why we built a solution to automatically fetch all landing page URLs  from Voluum and check it against the Google SafeBrowsing API. Once a domain is flagged we automatically send a SMS to our phones.

On our phone we put a custom alarm ringtone  (very loud) when we receive these kind of SMS so we can act fast by switching domains.

When you are mostly doing mobile traffic you have a slight advantage as the infamous SafeBrowsing page will not propagate immediately on mobile devices so you have more time to fix the issue.